Our approach to the perfect fit


From idea to finished product we can offer bespoke beverages that fit your market needs. 


As an established producer of brands we offer a a custom private label catalogue of fully developed beverages that can be tailored to your brand. 

Likewise we offer custom development of new recipes. 


Our on-the-shelf catalogue drinks can be produced in our own production facility starting from 1000 liters on short notice. Thanks to our small volume startup options you are able to launch your new products without excessive production requirements.

We also offer third party co-packing options. Contact us for more information.


We are specialised in the production and distribution of kombucha. Aside from that we also offer custom soft and acoholic drink development. 

Our services are fully customisable. We have one shop stop options that take care of just about anything from development to packaging and branding. 

All recipes and flavour ideas will be analysed in our lab and optimised when necessary to reach full production and cost efficiency. Certain recipes might not be viable for large scale productions until all aspects are optimised. 

At the moment visitations in the production areas are limited due to the Covid-19 pandemic. We do however still accept visitors in our offices in Bruges.

All legal and food safety issues are handled by Taste Labs as the responsible producer.